20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold & silver, but also [utensils] of wood & earthenware, & some for honorable & noble [use] & some menial and ignoble [use].

Recently discovered Sinead O’Connor in a meaningful way. My perceptions of her till now were very very limited by the social engineering of my past life in religion in the 80’s.

Suffice to say, my Pentecostalist denominational moorings were no more effective than those of any of her fellow Catholic brethren who ostracized her for tearing up a picture of the then Pope on SNL back in the 80’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCOIQOGXOg0.

The conflict between religion and the reality of intimately knowing and being known by the living God is very real for all of us. I believe I see the scars left upon her soul and psyche by being so engaged over the years of her life and ministry/music thus far.

The portrait of her I paint is of course my subjective interpretation and observations about the subject. But I am not alone in arriving at the rendering I submit to you.

Indeed I believe I have the mind of Christ about the things I interpret and perceive within the resources at my disposal in creating this collage called ‘Sinead’.

She can indeed be taken as a metaphor of and for the journey we all need and ought to make by God’s grace to be reconciled to Him and Christ and indeed to be reconciled to our truest and best selves formed and fashioned in His likeness.

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