Peace Give I to Thee

Do Not Be Deceived (rightly understanding these days).

September 10, 2015 at 4:07am

Greetings and Shalom! This is an update and value add to a post I made on my fb page in May last year (2014).

Basically I’m re-posting it for the benefit of all as the thoughts shared then are even more urgently and importantly needful now. Why? Because according to the Isachaar kind, those who know the times, the shake up and wake up events slated to mark the end of this age, are about to gain considerable momentum imminently.

Quite frankly, my intention here is to encourage awareness and alertness and preparedness to the times, neither panic nor paranoia. I cannot emphasize that enough.

Everywhere you turn people seem to be sensing that something major is up within and without the community of professing Christians in Barbados and around the world in fact. But all the LORD’s people would do well to focus on the essential and needful in these days, which is making one’s calling and election by the Father through Jesus Christ certain. How is this realized? By holding steadfast to our confession and profession of faith in Christ. It is ON and In Christ alone that the OVERCOMERS must stand. More and more it is becoming self evident that all other ground is sinking, shifting sand. With these preliminary thoughts therefore I invite you to examine and; as the Spirit of Truth leads, embrace and enjoy the following food for thought and walk.

Who can deny that our island Barbados and the Caribbean region as a whole is in the writhing of birthing?

The pangs are getting sharper, coming quicker in their intensity….

And everything that can is being shaken…For we are in a time of great advancement of the purposes and plans of God for this region even as those purposes and plans of the kingdom of darkness are hastening towards their futile and vain anti-climax.

Hear me carefully… even as throughout the ages of time Yahweh-the Timeless King has never been unduly concerned nor alarmed with the schemes and constructs of those who regard themselves as power brokers and king makers (Psalm 2), let not the Sons/Saints of God in Barbados and the region concern themselves unduly, nor be alarmed by this region’s politics & religion! The King of Kings is enthroned in Zion and He rewards all vassals, govenors and princes, all persons both high and low, rich and poor of the nations of the earth according to their works.

As citizens of new heaven and new earth sojourning in these isles lets become and remain concerned firstly with seeking the kingdom of Our Heavenly Father and His righteousness Christ Jesus the incarnate WORD/WISDOM of the Father, in our own hearts and lives! This means first and foremost NOT looking to the promises, posturing and politics of men, NOT looking to the economy, nor to churchianity/religion but to our heavenly Father, the King of kings!

This means in humility walking and watching, looking and listening for His voice and leading daily! Luke 9: 23. Beware and steer clear of all preoccupation with earthly riches, greed and or anxiety over even life’s basic necessities. We don’t need to. The second part of “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” says “and all these things shall be ADDED unto you.

Nobody adds like God does. Let us in spirit and truth, look to and stay our minds on our heavenly Father Yahweh Jireh our provider! Preoccupation with and obsessing over the cares of ‘life’; and that in a world system that is passing away is taking out many. We are admonished to put no confidence in uncertain riches but to repose our trust and confidence fully, unreservedly in our heavenly Father who gives us all things freely to enjoy! (1 Timothy 6:17). All who trust in uncertain riches will find that they themselves; like the said very world system, are passing away.

Let’s be thankful always practicing the attitude of gratitude for who and what God in Christ is to us and IN us!!! But do you in spirit and in truth know who and whose you are in Christ and have become to the Father?

Its not by chance that the LORD Jesus Christ has brought us the revelation of Yahweh God as ‘our Abba’ our Father. Knowing the Father through the Son by revelation of the Spirit of Truth is the one needful, urgent and important thing in these days. Congregant, knowing your pastor, knowing the constitution of your local church can be useful in one way or another. But quite frankly its not the needful, nor the urgent and and MOST important matter in this hour. Know Yahweh your heavenly Father.

By the same token, you pastors/leaders in the local churches, knowing the loyal from the disloyal in your local congregations/assemblies can certainly be helpful in some ways. But again its not the central thing. That which always was, still is and remains the central thing. And that one thing is actually a Person. Knowing the Father. What is our Lord saying to every disciple today, what is He asking in this hour. “How can you say to me show us the Father. Have I been so long with you and yet you do not recognize me? He that has seen me has seen my Father (John 14: 8-21).

What awesome and exciting days are upon us! These are days of exploits for the Ones who know the Father in spirit and in truth. The ones who abide in the Son (Jesus Christ) and are always excited and eager like He is to please the Father and bring Him pleasure. These are the overcomers who worship God in spirit and in truth. They are enjoying the abundant organic life that LOVE is and gives them.

They are not under the manipulating and controlling of the Judaizers, the Jezebel spirit that has ensnared so many simple-minded ones. This coming under religion and the religious spirit, the idolatry that ancient Israel came more and more progressively under is not the lot of the Overcomers! Domination by the religious world, religious flesh and religious devils is not the lot of the OVERCOMERS! Amidst the worst of times, they experience and enjoy the best of times. And are of good cheer because in Christ they have overcome the world system, religious and otherwise!


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