Old Gold for the soul!

There’s a world of wonderful music that comprises the cultural heritage of innumerable disciples of Jesus Christ.

Through linking visitors to the youtube pages of others who appreciate this heritage, its the simple aim of this blog to:

  1. collect some of this timeless music that still ministers musical medicine to the soul and psyche of Christians everywhere.
  2. To connect with and create a community of like minded fellows who appreciate these timeless tunes.

You’ll find here no desire or attempt to stir up debate and or lengthy discussion about the virtues of the old over the new. Frankly, focusing on Jesus Christ, in the recalling of the joy of journeying with Him through time, into today and beyond is all we desire to do.

So, only such discussion and sharing of what emotions, memories and adoration of our Father’s love for us in Christ as the music inspires, stimulates and awakens is desired here.

I’ll more often than not simply provide links to the youtube pages where I source practically all the music I mine for these treasures and listen to them online.

So without further ado…. enjoy!

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