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14th /06/18

In this hour in the earth’s history…

All who would have ears to hear and eyes to see,

Must be prepared to lay aside their fears

And in love of the Truth move through the crowd with clarity.

He is still declaring “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes into Agape’… without” me. (Inverted commas mine).


Agape’s purposes stalled…

When Hezekiah hit a wall…

And refused  to get over…

Refused to get over… himself.


Such a tragedy…

For so many…

Because one man refused to set his house in order…

Refused to cross over…

Refused to get down and …

Pick up his cross.


The following is an excerpt from “An inner call of God’s Spirit even as He is precipitating a coming “outside of the camp” to fellowship in His Sufferings and BEing His Body—instead of just “studying” about it, or singing about it.

DAILY. The Church really becoming the CHURCH! As so many are in a Holy pursuit of His Holy City descending from Above, it is increasingly more important to speak, as Paul did, of “the administration” or the “practical working out” of the “unsearchable riches of Christ” (Eph. 3:8-10). In other words, there are some really practical issues that come up as we move towards being the Church on a daily, interactive, “joined and knit” basis.


At an institutional assembly, the questions are fairly simple. If they’ll “tithe,” have some talents they can offer, and have a commitment to attend regularly, that would nearly universally be sufficient. They would be more than welcome to move and “become a member.”

While there are surely many true Christians who are part of these groups, that is not to say that Jesus is happy with those organizations, or that much of anyone will reach their full potential in a place where “a little leaven leavens the WHOLE batch.”

Just as Uzzah discovered, when we use the Philistine’s ways to accomplish God’s Purposes, people get hurt and people die. In a Church that is not building God’s Way, even the true Christians will suffer loss. Don’t mistake anything here for saying, “So-and-so can’t be Christians.” We’re not discussing that. This is about how we build.

It is shameful that many will never reach their potentials for Jesus because we’ve “tried to grow an orange tree at the North Pole.” It really does matter how we build.

Christ declares “I will build my Ecclesia and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


He is the builder of His Ecclesia, He builds always according to His thoughts, according to His name and nature. If indeed we are becoming lively stones in His House; the workmanship of God in Christ, we must be built and fitted according to His mind and design.


The above excerpt is from a brother who for some 30 or more years now has resigned all earthly ambitions and lives with his eyes on eternity. I am privileged to be given this gift of God for a brother and even as he has invited and challenged me, I invite and challenge you dear reader. You will be held accountable before God for what you discover and handle of the Word of Truth in these writings so do not proceed lightly to engage with this content.

By all means if you are a sincere seeker, in spirit and in truth of the increase of Christ as your life,  welcome.   But know also that sincerity is not everything. Saul was entirely sincere and zealous for the God of Israel even as he approved and allowed his fellow Jews to stone Stephen the Deacon to death. Afterward; subsequent  his divine encounter with the resurrected Jesus he readily admitted his own folly and that of his fellow Jews (in the flesh only)  who had who ‘have a zeal for God but not according to Present revelation knowledge.’

There are stark similarities I have observed; and which I myself have been previously party to, of the same ignorance among many sincere seekers and professing Christians in these last days. But as the brother quoted above rightly says, far too often it is not overcomer testimony we hear and see articulated and expressed but a certain religious zeal that is not according to the revelation knowledge of the Father in the Son. The Father’s pleasure is the Purpose behind every rhema of the Son of Man and it is only thus that over comer testimony is in evidence. All else is worship of the temple, the traditions and customs of men and their association remotely with the history of things past, fulfilled and summed up in Christ (Hebrews 1).

But before Moses was Jesus IS I AM.

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