First Things First Every Day

The Ten Commandments have an intelligent design and order to them that made provision for the ancient Hebrews to know the grace and goodness of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, within and above and beyond any thing else their life experience prior to then could teach them.

The Joseph generation had been forgotten by then and these former slaves had only just recently left bondage and hard slavery in Egypt. Whilst it was indeed with stunning miracles and power that YAHWEH had broken the bonds of Egyptian captivity, the many years even generations of being enslaved had conditioned and reinforced the basest and harshest aspects of their fallen humanity.

So this same Law Code given to restrain sensual appetites was also simultaneously a reminder of their inability to keep it completely. As Paul wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the ancient children of Israel became all the more sin conscious Romans 4-7. Because ultimately the Law Code could not mend their true condition as a fallen and sinful people who desperately needed to depend on the goodness and grace of God every day of their lives. Just like every tongue, tribe and nation of people on the earth today.

As a contract between them and the Almighty God the Torah, the written Law pointed to and taught them about God’s faithful goodness and mercy towards His covenant people. And commanded and directed them to walk in the same love towards their God and towards each other. Relying upon and depending upon God for everything is at the core of the Ten Commandments and this they never continued in throughout their generations. So that we see then how exceedingly sinful indeed and deadly is unbelief of and distrust of God’s Voice and Word and love.

We see then our own sinfulness and need of something more than ten or any other number of commandments. We see how futile it is to trust in our own righteousness, our own ability to please God by observance of an external written Law Code which; no matter how good it is in itself, it only ultimately can serve as a users manual to the treasure of Eternal Life but can never be that treasure in itself.

The written word about God can be a restraint to fallen humanity’s corrupt heart of self serving and self seeking desires. But it can never liberate fallen man from his fallen nature and create a right spirit within him, male and female them.

Far surpassing the written Law Code is the Law of the spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. In Him we have LIFE, for the letter kills but the spirit gives life! We are made over-comers of sin and death nowhere else but in Christ Jesus our Lord. He still proclaims today that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but in Him is the Light and the abundant LIFE of a new humanity.

As we more and more let go of and abandon the old and embrace the new we journey on into greater and greater enjoyment of abundant life in Christ organically flowing in and fulfilling the written Law code of love for God and love for our fellow man.

As our Savior and deliverer demonstrated how to be always about His Father’ business and please Him in all things every minute of every day, His disciples then and today continue in and with Him to be pleasing to the Father daily lead fulfilling and rewarding lives loving the Father and each other today.

In my next contribution we’ll look a little more closely and intently at the Old Covenant of the written Law code and its apostle Moses. And we’ll contrast it with the superior New Covenant in the Apostle and High Priest our confession of faith, our LORD and Savior and Life; the LOGOS of God. Also intimately and affectionately known to us as our best friend and elder brother Jesus Christ.

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