The Barbados Stamp Program

What Trevor Noah doesn’t know….

Barbados is a treasure of nature for sure.

And the thousands exploring her twelve month, that’s right… her TWELVE MONTHS work and live Stamp Program will most certainly agree with me. Its a paradise worthy of discovery and the minimal risk of contracting COVID 19.

Now I’m just a Simple Man and I like it that way.

Flying free as a bird in Bim…

Mmmmm… most exhilarating!

So I’m not inclined to take Mr. Noah too seriously…

After all he butters his bread with comedy! …

But I’m willing to wager that he’d change his thinking; that the idea of living and working in Barbados is a bad idea during COVID 19, in a flash after just one day walking the golden sands of Brownes Beach…

With crystal clear blue waters and soft white surf massaging his feet… he’d be forced to admit that island life in Bim is sweet… sweet… sweet!

Come away… Come away and play… SELAH…

Whilst her gently lapping waves sing you a melodic


The morning breeze at dawn beckons…

Whispers come away with me at sunrise…

The Barbados Stamp program promises a most memorable experience of balancing living and working in an ideal Caribbean island location. Reach out and connect with Eden Caribbean for more on this initiative.

Connect with me by submitting your contact info and I’ll be in touch within 7 days.


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