A few days ago, for the first time in a long, long while, I watched the movie “Shall We Dance” (starring Richard Gere, Suzanne Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez). It’s a mostly decent, really nice romantic story of a husband and wife’s overcoming getting stuck in their married life. The man’s tentative breaking of the shell of submissive contentment with status quo definitions of a privileged and successful life he embarks on a journey of deeper self discovery, that ultimately results in tragedy and triumph as he matures and becomes at another level of his being alive and in LOVE.

The story is set against a backdrop of the husband’s character’s stepping out of his comfort zone by taking up ‘learning’ to dance.

As a successful family man and businessman, he’s supposed to be satisfied and fulfilled and content with his life. But instead he’s somehow unfulfilled, longing for something else and mentally and emotionally leading a life of quiet dissatisfaction. And because he believes it’s wrong to want more in his life… more than all the good he has already ‘achieved’ and ‘attained’ to in his becoming, he’s afraid and ashamed to let his wife know about his newly found secret ‘love’. Essentially therefore, the movie’s primary narrative; in relation to it’s main character is about his affair with dancing. The supporting cast of characters around him are also rather interesting. Oh look out for the subtle and covert calling of evil good and good evil that’s sown into the script very quietly at first… and is left untended mostly, but then turns up as it buds and breaks the soil…. then is shown for what it is in bloom in the ending scenes of the movie. The film director’s ninja-like stealth will be noticeable to all who love and live in the Light.

Yes readers you must be careful to extricate the poison from this film feast lest it enter your moral bloodstream. But should that be the case… GOOD NEWS… the washing of the water of the Word of Life is the antidote. So yes, the insertion and insinuation of evil into the good content of this film is present but thankfully nowhere near as pervasive as it it today. It’s presence much more subtle then than today in Hollywood where it’s become much more bold and brazen, loud and proud and intolerant of the Love and Light within Voice of Life.

But my focus in this piece is not on the presence of evil in the storyline of “Shall We Dance”. We can and must address that also, but for now I want to spotlight the reality of how much; like everything else we learn this side of eternity, dissatisfaction with things as they are is intended by LOVE’s Wisdom to serve as a catalyst to growing further and going deeper into seeking and finding fullness of life… what Jesus Christ Himself promised us when He declared that He is come that we might have authentic spiritual life and have it more abundantly IN HIM.

This is pure thirst and pure hunger, nothing of slavery and addiction to ‘religious’ and ‘political ‘ things of the traditions of men whereby many are spoiled and arrested in their becoming becoming today. This is NOT about denying or becoming dissatisfied with our blessings. That is what political correctness, the law of sin and death, calling itself light does. But the true Light inspires thanksgiving for our blessings and a very real daily deepening appreciation of all we have already been GIFTED with and continue to be GIVEN in the Light; richly real and satisfying relationships with the Father Himself in and through Christ, with others and ourselves, by LOVE’s amazing grace.

You know what? Actually I will not encourage you to just passively watch the film for entertainment sake only. No, instead I’ll encourage you to appraise and assess it for the measure and degree of excellence it presents, proclaims and imparts to your heart. With this approach I believe viewers will get so much more out of the viewing.

I certainly haven’t spoilt that viewing for you since I’ve only you a peek into the story line. So whether it’ll be for the first time or a rehash of the experience, emotions and memories it stirred, go ahead and watch the film. And when all is said and done, tell me if you agree that it’s an awesome privilege to be alive unto God in Christ. It’s wonderful not just share other’s stories, but to get to really relate and to others in love and participate in and share in their and our own journey; as members one with another in one another’s new creaturely being the Body of Christ. It is very humbling and sobering to know that every day we are all writing our names on each other’s stories pages in big and small ways…

The best times and themes

In our shared-life stories are composed of…

The words of truth we speak in love…

And live and give to each other…

Out of our own experiential

Being daily present to the Father and the Son…

And one-another…

Every Day Abba Agape’…..

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