The one needful thing is always and only to be together in Jesus’ name and nature; His Presence. Whether it’s Mary and Martha with Him in their home. Or the twelve together in one place Acts 1.

Revival never was and will never be just a thing reflected and reported on in longing glances backwards to vague memories of a better time and place in the religious history of a country or a people.

It is never the emotional highs and adrenalin rushes that take place in institutional gatherings of mixed multitudes of believers and deceivers. Some there to pray others there to prey. Some there to stir up emotional responses and others seeking to be stirred in the moment by the stimulation of dynamic theatrics from the pulpit aided and abetted by moving and stirring songs that fuel an emotional rush playing to our emotional needs whether legit or illegit in the moment.

Revival is always Jesus in us corporately; in twos, twelves, hundred and twenties… you get the gist. Wherever two or more are gathered… ecclesia and of the same mind in Him. Anytime… not just, and these days even more emphatically so for all who have EYES to see and the mind of Christ to know, not in man designed and religious men designed formal religious services… Because Jesus is given honorable mention… these people draw nigh with their lips… but their hearts are far from me.

We must be His dwelling place… His temple EVERYDAY. Loving the Father and the sons as the SON loved and loves the Father and His brothers TODAY. He IS, He was and He abides forever as the ‘REVIVE-al, the breath and VERY life of His BODY, everywhere and anywhere humble hearts seek and hunger for Him.

They INDEED shall be filled. Of the increase of His rule, government there truly IS no end. Through eyes of faith I see His rule and reign in us increasing DAILY and gaining greater and greater EXPRESSION as we COOPERATE with His command to love God and each other. Again, I’m glad we are in some measure of agreement when all is said and done.

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